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Quality Old World and New Style Leather Goods

Link Leather Scale and Feather is my artistic brain-child.  I was born an artist. As a young child, I was always doodling, coloring, painting, and doing crafts. But also, as a child, I was very scientific.  In second grade, I would talk of Darwin and Linnaeus, of the Cretaceous and Oceanic specimens, and would answer the question every child is asked more readily than any other, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, with “I’m going to be a Zoologist”.  And that answer never wavered, even when my love for ancient history blossomed.  And for the longest time my artistic “left brain” of paint and clay and design was very separate from scientific “right brain” of history and science.  (My scientific “right brain” feels that it must interject and state the disclaimer that current scientific and medical evidence do not support the left brain vs. right brain theory but for artistic purposes is willing to leave the metaphor in.) Despite animals being a reacquiring theme in my art, and the use of elaborately drawn feild journals, art and science were separate aspects of me. LLSF happens to be the marriage between the two.

I’ve always been a artistic and creative, but I started skinning and working with hides in the name of science, not art. As a zoologist, the task often fell upon me to preserve specimens I collected so that they could be studied later. Reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates are generally preserved in jars with formaldehyde, but mammals are often skinned. stuffed, and tagged with their measurements and collection information, From making study skins and my vast interest in the corneum, the part of the skin that later becomes leather, an interest in leatherworking blossomed. My love of fantasy, science-fiction, and historical reenactments, continue to fuel my creative fire.