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How Ideas are born

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that saying is all too true. The products of mine that I use everyday, are born from a need. And due to us all having similar needs, the similar products get designed independently over and over again. I’d like to walk you through my journey of…
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Drinking Horn

Drinking Horn Care

What calls to mind a bygone era, like the ceremonial drinking Horn? Although, used throughout antiquity by many cultures including the ancient Greeks, Babylonians, and Europeans, the drinking Horn has become the iconic symbol of the Viking culture. Even today it is still regularly used by Asatru, Germans, Austrians, and Georgians. Popular cult shows such…
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       I have always opted for the salutation: Greetings. I always found “hello” to be cliche and shallow, a simple acknowledgement of presence.  No, hello won’t do as it has been a shallow trap before. I wish to welcome and greet you.  I wish to get to know you and for you to…
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