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Digitalis Lunar Leather Journal

Digitalis Lunar Leather Journal


A single foxglove spire with a crescent moon adorn this leather journal.


Steeped in history and myth, foxglove is a marvelous plant, and not only in stature but in bio-chemical properties. With its spire of purple flowers, it is no wonder how this plant has been historically linked to the fay. This poisonous fairy garden plant goes by many names: digitalis, foxglove, lady’s glove, and even witch’s glove. This journal depicts a lone digitalis spire of showy, purple flowers flanking a crescent moon.
As with all of my products, this journal is hand-stitched, hand-tooled, and hand painted. It is coated with a water and stain-resistant sealant. Full grain, veg-tanned leather exterior and pig skin interior comprise this 9 inch by 6 inch journal. The journal is refillable and is on a 260 page book blank with acid-free, lined paper.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in


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