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Small Drinking Horn

Small Drinking Horn


A beautifully polished, small drinking horn. It can come lined or unlined and with or without a holster. It holds between 5-7 ounces of liquid.

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What calls to mind a bygone era like the ceremonial drinking Horn? Although used throughout antiquity by many cultures including the ancient Greeks, Babylonians, and Europeans, the drinking Horn has become the iconic symbol of the Viking culture. Even today it is still  regularly used by Asatru, Germans, Austrians, and Georgians. Popular cult shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “Vikings” have brought the drinking Horn back from dusty atonomy and the occasional Ren faire to a glowingly popular item.

These horns come either lined or unlined.  Lining is not a necessity. None of the cultures listed above ever lined their horns aside from plugging up leaks. However unlined horns have a “horny” or “wet dog” taste and will need to go through the process called seasoning in order to get rid of it. It is quite simple and each horn comes with instructions on how to season your new horn as well as how to care for it for years to come.

However, lining a horn has some advantages.  A lining protects the horn from acidic beverages, temperature fluctuations, and additional wear and tear. As I ship year round, I opt not to use the temperature sensitive beeswax method.  Instead I use a proprietary blend of resins.  My linings can withstand extreme temperatures, high alcohol content, and are completely food safe.  There is not right or wrong choice for wither to go with a lined or unlined horn.

Either way,  I put my drinking horns through a rigorous sanitation process after they are cut, sanded, and polished. I use the same type of process used by beverage plants on reusable bottles in bottling plants. Except my horns spend a minimum of 4 full hours in a sanitation vat. They are completely clean and sanitized, totally safe for use.

These small drinking horns are long and narrow averaging around 12″ in length. They hold between 5 and 7 fluid oz. I sort my horns by ounces that they hold, not length and width, so there can be quite a bit of variation in size.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in

Unlined, Lined


Without a holster, with a black holster, with a brown holster, with a red holster


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